19th annual Pass Creek Fair

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What is the petition for?

  • Petition is for a 6 month seasonal paid caretaker at the Pass Creek Exhibition Grounds. Don & Irene Hill are retiring and have been caretakers which included ground and building maintenance for “FREE” for the past 20 years as members of Pass Creek Regional Exhibtion Society that host’s Pass Creek Fall Fair, Dog Shows, Horse Shows & Clinics along with 2nd Annual Spring Fair, Music Festivals, Family Reunions and Weddings. The amount of hours Don & Irene have given to the public as unpaid volunteers is incredible and they are the true meaning of volunteer.
  • Pass Creek Regional Exhibition Society wants to keep hosting Fall Fair and all other events which include overnight dry camping at all events. As a small group of dedicated volunteers we cannot maintain the Exhibition Grounds, organizing and host all these great family events as well
  • We need help and the public support by signing this petition by residents of City of Castlegar, Area I and Area J. We also want to encourage the public to attend the open house Park Study Committee meetings therefore having a say in what happens at the Pass Creek Park with their tax dollars
  • RDCK has a lease with Pass Creek Regional Exhibition Society for a small portion of Pass Creek Park. The Exhibition Society has developed these grounds, paid for and built all the buildings on site which RDCK owns. PCRES has improved the Park for public use over the last 23 years. PCRES has applied to the City of Castlegar and Area I & J for funding from the City and Columbia Basin Trust. We have always appreciated any funds awarded which has gone into improving the exhibition grounds or towards Fall Fair & now the 2nd Annual Spring Fair. The funds received never cover the cost of the Fall Fair or the expenses in operating the Exhibition Grounds.

We appreciate your support and hope to see you at the PCRES meetings.


Pass Creek Fall Fair Caretaker Funding

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