The Pass Creek Regional Exhibition Society is Proud to Announce
our 3rd Annual Spring Farm Fair

on May 14, 2016, 11AM – 5PM

Pass Creek Regional Exhibition Grounds, Robson, BC

What is the Spring Farm Fair All About?

Bringing farmers, ranchers, public and vendors together who raise all different types of livestock, fruit trees, nurseries, poultry, grape vines, nuts, herbs, bees etc. Inviting farming businesses to attend and support farmers offering information on merchandise available and information on how it would impact their farm and improve their operation. Inviting the public to attend and have the option of purchasing items farmer direct and the ability to purchase from their local farmer in the future. Offering consumers the knowledge of what food they consume and how it’s handled, produced and processed.

The most important assets of this event is…

  • to pass on firsthand knowledge
  • to provide the opportunity to purchase farm animals & equipment
  • to gather farmers in person to meet, talk and share
  • to provide the public with that much needed information:
  • where can I find what locally?


Attending farmers from the East & West Kootenays, Boundary and South Okanagan have the opportunity to sell their different types of livestock, crops, fruit trees, poultry, etc. while sharing their knowledge. They may share their expertise with new farmers or potential new farmers. To find a local farmer that can speak from experience and share their knowledge is priceless. Perhaps new farmers may even find a mentor who will teach them so they can eventually pass on knowledge to the next generation of farmers.


Attending Farm Vendors can and display their products from the farm like soap, live baby chicks, honey, canning, weaving, eggs, garlic, vegetable seeds, bedding plants, grape vines, nuts, herbs, bees etc. There will be a specific indoor area for these vendors to set up their products on provided tables.


  • Non-Commercial – $10
  • Commercial – $50

Farming Businesses

Attending Farming Businesses will be there to support farmers in merchandise, equipment and farming expertise. They will provide info on what they carry, what can be ordered and provide farmers with one to one consultation to meet the farmers individual needs.

To register, please FILL OUT THE FORM and SUBMIT A PAYMENT with your registration.
Pay by Cheque or Credit Card (using our PayPal Form) or PayPal account if you have one.
Please remember that your name will only be added to the
List Of Pre Registered Farmers, Vendors & Businesses
when full payment has been received.

For your convenience and reference we have a copy of the MAP at the bottom of this page.

Spring Fair Banner

Vendors that register and pay before May 12th, will be entered for gift certificate draw

Pre-registration would be appreciated to have your information and products listed on our website.


Please click the “Submit” button at the end of the form to activate your application!

2016 Spring Farm Fair Application Form

Before completing “Accommodation Type” above,

please read below:

In the final box on the application form, you will enter the accommodation type you want, choosing the code shown there.
IE: Box Stalls enter #1, Specialty Box Stalls enter #1+ and Ground Spaces enter #2 plus the number of spaces you would like …

  • Box Stalls 10’ x 10’ enter #1 (see map)
  • Specialty Box Stalls 12’ x 12’ enter #1+ (see map)
    If you need cages indicate with C plus the number of cages
  • Vendor Outside Ground Space enter #2 (see map)
    If Ground Space, also enter how many Ground Spaces you require  IE: #2 – 3

If you are paying by Cheque

Complete the Application form then mail your cheque with appropriate payment ($10 or $50) to:
Pass Creek Regional Exhibition Society … PO Box 99, 1095 Relkoff Rd., Robson, BC V0G 1X0
You do not have to enter any information below this line regarding payment by Credit Card or PayPal
Now accepting PayPal
2016 Vendor Display Fee

If you are paying by Credit Card

After selecting Buy Now you will be re-directed to the PayPal site. If you do not have a PayPal account and want to use your credit card, just click on the link that looks like this image (not a link) below.

This map of the grounds displays the available accommodations on the 3rd annual Spring Farm Fair. You may park anywhere in the designated parking area however the parking lots are unsupervised and we ask you to be mindful about how you park. Please only occupy one parking spot per vehicle. The concession has tables in a covered area, serving hotdogs and hamburgers including pop/water and coffee/tea. Dogs are allowed as long as they are on leash and cleaned up after. To find out which farmer, vendor or business is displayed where, please see the List of Pre-Registered Farmers, Vendors & Businesses for their individual Space #. This list is frequently updated.

  2. VENDOR GROUND SPACE #2 (with or without outside tables)
  6. CAGES
  8. HORSE & CARRIAGE RIDES (by Kootenay Horse & Carriage)

2016 List of Pre Registered Farmers, Vendors & Businesses

Handy Hay Nets
Handy Hay Nets
box 26
Slocan Park British Columbia V0G 2E0

Handy Hay Nets

Name: Don Hill
Phone: 250-365-7593
Cell: Cell Phone Number
URL: Website
Ad: Small animal cages, wire sides, top and bottom. Cages have solid pull out metal bottoms & feeders
Booth: 2 – Outside

Don Hill

Name: Rootie’s Chicken Ranch
Phone: 250-505-9499
Cell: 250-505-9499
URL: Website
Ad: Chicken process cones
Turkey process cones
Custom Metal art & signs
Booth: #2
Paid: Cheque

Rootie's Chicken Ranch

T Van Ruyskensvelde
405 Atwood Road
Grand Forks British Columbia

T Van Ryuskensvelde

Name: Klee Wyck Kreations
Phone: 250 359 7558
Cell: 250 505 7505
URL: Website
Ad: Our handpoured candles come in recycled containers made of fine bone china brass and vintage cups and saucers, goblets and bowls. All are purchased at thrift stores, Once the candles are finished, they can be reverted back to their original purpose or people can have them refilled. We have a variely of colours and scents. The jams are made from local products and have a hint of liqueur which enhances the taste. The interactions with the public comes from the smelling and tasting the samples and candles. The ingredients and theh material always allow for a healthy discussion about being responsible for our envionment and reducing waste.
Booth: 2
PaidL Cheque

Klee Hunter

Name: Denise Pawlyshyn
Phone: Phone Number
Cell: 250-608-3403
URL: Website
Ad: Reclaimed barn board picture frames, chicken wire frames, barn board mirrors, various metal/tin & barn board frames, coat hanger rack for kids & adults, reclaimed window frames, shelves etc

Denise Pawlyshyn

Name: Mickle – Hill Farm
Phone: 250-365-7273
Cell: Cell Phone Number
URL: Website
Ad: We will have for sale Blue Slate Turkey Pullets, Bielefelder chicks, Belgium Cuckoo Maline Chicks, Aylesbury Ducklings.
Booth: 3

Mickle - Hill Farm

Name: Mother Clucker Farm
Phone: 778-459-2232
Cell: 250-788-6758
URL: Website
Ad: Chicks, quail, goats, eggs, garden starts
Booth: #2+

Mother Clucker Farm

Name: Nancy Boucher
Phone: Phone Number
Cell: Cell Phone Number
URL: Website
Ad: I will be bring a large selection of heirloom tomato and pepper plants and other veggie starts.
Booth: Outside – 2 spaces
Paid: Paid online

Nancy Boucher

Name: Shawna Lukowski
Phone: 2503572686
Cell: 3069813898
URL: Website
Ad: Baby goats for sale; a rooster; 3 drakes
Booth: 4 + 4c
Paid: Cheque

Shawna Lukowski

Christina Barisoff
Box 109
Crescent Valley British Columbia

Christina Barisoff

Name: Micheline Bell
Phone: 250-304-6993
Cell: 2505091043
URL: Website
Ad: Vegetables and some flowering plants

Micheline Bell