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The Pass Creek Exhibition Grounds and Campground is an incredible location, that has been managed by the Regional District Central Kootenays (RDCK) that has hosted a multitude of different events for the community including the Annual Pass Creek Spring and Fall Fair, Annual Bluegrass Jamboree, and the RCMP Musical Ride. The grounds have provided the ideal venue for large-scale events such as the BC Senior Games, Regional Fire Fighter Games, the Celgar Pulp/Zelstoff Anniversary Parties as well as Concerts and numerous high-level agility dog shows which the community loves to attend and enjoy. The Pass Creek Exhibition Grounds receive raves from event spectators and participants, a testament to what an incredible facility this is.

We encourage the public to contact us to book this facility for weddings or anniversary parties, book the outdoor stage for concerts or book the exhibition grounds to host horse shows and dog shows. For more information, please email us.


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